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The following content was provided by TruHearing, Aspire Health Plan’s partner for affordable hearing healthcare services and hearing aids.

Most people are not aware that treating hearing loss can improve their quality of life. In fact, 70 percent of people do not treat their hearing loss says The Hearing Review. But it is important to treat for many reasons including improving cognitive function, keeping you connected with loved ones, and decreasing loneliness. That’s why Aspire Health Plan has partnered with TruHearing® to provide you a comprehensive hearing care solution that offers high-quality hearing aids at lower prices.

In addition to your Medicare-covered diagnostic hearing exam, Aspire Health Plan offers hearing coverage as part of an enhanced benefits package. Your hearing aid benefit covers up to two hearing aids per year for a low copay of $599 for the TruHearing Advanced hearing aid or $899 for the TruHearing Premium hearing aid. These hearing aids provide you the latest-generation hearing aid models, styles and technologies. They include:

  • Powerful hearing aids that help you hear what matters most, wherever you are
  • Device sensors that automatically adjust for a natural sound, even while you’re moving
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP®) that recognizes your voice and makes it sound more natural
  • Rechargeable battery options that provide an all-day charge in 3-4 hours1
  • A smart app that acts as a hearing aid remote control, allows you to interface with your provider and even tracks your physical activity2

As part of the program, a TruHearing provider will consult with you to determine the best hearing aid to address your lifestyle and unique hearing needs. Your hearing aid benefit also includes:

  • Initial hearing exam with a TruHearing provider ($20 initial exam copay)
  • 3 follow-up visits with the provider for fitting and adjustments
  • 45-day risk free trial
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement
  • 48 batteries per hearing aid included with non-rechargeable models

As an Aspire Health Plan member, you have access to TruHearing® a comprehensive hearing care solution that offers high-quality hearing aids at lower prices. If you have any questions, please contact TruHearing at (866) 792-7913.

1Rechargeable battery option is available on select styles for an additional $50 per hearing aid.

2In-app interfacing requires provider activation.


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