“Choose Happy” in 2021 because “Healthy Starts with Happy”

March 12, 2021
Aspire Blog - Choose Happy

After a challenging year, it’s time to bring happiness and positivity back into our lives in 2021. There is definitely a connection between happiness and overall health. A recent study from the University of Utah looked at the effects of subjective well-being how people evaluate their own lives on many facets of physical health. They found that happy people are more likely to take better care of themselves, plus choose healthy behaviors over unhealthy ones. In addition, there is link between happiness and better effects on both your cardiovascular and immune systems. (Read more from TIME.)

With this in mind, Aspire Health Plan is asking our members, their loved ones, the Aspire Health team and the community to “Choose Happy” because “Healthy Starts with Happy.”

How do you “Choose Happy?”

Start by focusing on things that bring you happiness. This can be anything from going outside for a walk to catching up with an old friend or trying something new. If you’re goal oriented – or just want some inspiration – we are kicking off our Choose Happy Rewards Program with our members. This program gives 21 opportunities to focus on happiness this year. For a full list, please visit our Choose Happy page. Everyone is invited to “Choose Happy” … because who doesn’t want to feel better and improve their overall health and wellbeing?

Spread the word!

Happiness really is contagious! Share ways you are choosing happy this year with your family, friends and loved ones. If you are a social media user, share using the hashtag #AspireChooseHappy.

We’ll be sharing, too! Throughout the year on our blog and social media pages (FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn), we’ll be sharing activities and content showing how happiness can lead to better overall health (plus ideas to help members earn rewards.) Follow along!


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