Aspire Health’s Medicare Advantage hearing aid benefit enhanced for 2022

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The following content was provided by TruHearing, Aspire Health Plan’s partner for affordable hearing healthcare services and hearing aids.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already felt that tug from somewhere deep inside that you should get your hearing checked. Have your friends and family been asking if you have hearing loss? Do you get frustrated in noisy environments and social settings because speech sounds muddy? The sooner you take action, the better.

At Aspire Health Plan, we believe that hearing loss is too important to the health and lives of our members to let it go untreated. That’s why we’re offering our members access to an updated selection of high-quality, low-priced hearing aids.

Your hearing aid benefit now includes the newest TruHearing® Advanced and Premium hearing aids. They are available in a variety of formats and include:

  • (Re)Mix technology tones down noises, making voices and target sounds easier to hear
  • Updated phone app with Health Insights to help reach your step counting and talk time goals
  • Mask mode which boosts amplification when others have their face covered
  • Up to 28 hours of battery life on rechargeable models
  • Direct audio streaming to your ears from iPhone® and Android® smartphones

Remember, your benefit covers up to two hearing aids per year for a low copay of $899 for a TruHearing Premium hearing aid or $599 for a TruHearing Advanced hearing aid. As part of the program, a TruHearing provider will consult with you to determine the best type and style of hearing aid to address your lifestyle and unique hearing needs.

Your enhanced hearing aid benefit also includes:

  • Initial hearing exam with a TruHearing provider ($20 initial exam copay)
  • 1 year of follow-up visits after purchase for fitting and adjustments
  • 60-day risk free trial
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement
  • 80 batteries per hearing aid included with non-rechargeable models

If you are experiencing hearing loss, we hope you’ll take advantage of your benefit. To schedule a hearing exam with a provider in your area, call TruHearing at (866) 792-7913.


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