Aspire Health introduces Wellness Wednesday

April 4, 2022
Aspire Blog - Wellness Wednesday

Wellness is not the absence of disease or the opposite of illness. Wellness is the presence of well-being and the culmination of life and health-giving practices. Living well opens the door for happiness.

This spring, Aspire Health challenges you to introduce healthy living habits that you can incorporate into your daily lives. Each week on Wednesdays, we will introduce a new wellness practice on our social media pages (FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn). These will be small actions you can take each day to help improve your life.

Try these out for a week. You can keep the practices you like and leave the ones you don’t, and if you would like share these with your family, friends and others along the way. At the end of each month on social media, we’ll post a check in where you can share with us what you’ve tried.

Aspire Health wants to inspire individuals to live their best life. We want to provide better health for everyone, including Aspire Health Plan members, by bringing together people, providers, payers, and community partners to promote wellness and deliver the best possible care.

The idea behind Wellness Wednesday is not just to give you random activities to try out, but help you develop healthy habits that can improve your daily life. Will you join us?


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