The long-term health benefits of treating hearing loss

May 2, 2022
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The following content was provided by TruHearing, Aspire Health Plan’s partner for affordable hearing healthcare services and hearing aids.

Staying fit, controlling your blood pressure, and managing your weight are what we normally think of when it comes to staying healthy. But what about hearing? Hearing is essential to long-term health and wellbeing. If you or someone you love is experiencing difficulty hearing, here are some important long-term health benefits of treating it.

Improved balance

Good hearing is a vital part of a healthy nervous system. Balance is controlled through signals to the brain from your eyes, inner ear, and other systems of the body. As a result, hearing loss can affect balance and increase risk of falls. However, studies show that wearing hearing aids actually improves balance in people with hearing loss. In fact, those who wear hearing aids regularly have a much lower risk of being injured in a fall than those who don’t.

Better mental wellbeing

Many studies have found that people with hearing difficulty who wear hearing aids are more mentally fit than those who don’t. Hearing aids:

Higher quality of life

Perhaps the most important benefit of treating hearing loss is how it can improve overall quality of life. In fact, studies have found that regularly wearing hearing aids contributes to improved

If you think you might be experiencing hearing loss, there’s no need to wait to experience the benefits of treating it. As an Aspire Health Plan member, you have access to high-quality hearing aids at lower prices through TruHearing®. Your benefit covers hearing aids for a low copay of $599 for the TruHearing Advanced and $899 for the TruHearing Premium. Call 1-844-208-9786 to schedule an appointment with a TruHearing provider near you.


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