Aspire Health launches Medicare Advantage Awareness Month

August 1, 2022
Aspire Blog - Medicare Advantage Awareness Month

Each month, there are several health awareness days, weeks and months aimed at raising awareness about certain health conditions and topics. Each month several health observances take place to raise awareness about certain health conditions and topics. Aspire Health is launching Medicare Advantage Awareness Month, which kicks off on August 15 ahead of the 2023 Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP). We want to reach out to the Monterey County community and share information both online and in person centered around Medicare Advantage education and making healthcare and health insurance easier to understand.

“When we say that Aspire Health offers Monterey County’s only individual Medicare Advantage health plans, what does that really mean?” says Cyndie O’Brien, chief sales, marketing and retention officer at Aspire Health. “Surveys and research tell us that Medicare beneficiaries – adults 65 and older – find Medicare confusing and difficult to understand. We want to help them and their loved ones learn more about what Medicare Advantage means as a coverage choice and how plans can help members to manage their health beyond just prescriptions and doctors’ appointments, including coordinated care and whole-person wellness.”

There are many opportunities for Monterey County residents to learn more about Medicare Advantage including:

For us, health literacy is very important. Improving health literacy gives consumers the skills needed to understand and make good decisions about their health, including making the right choice when it comes to Medicare coverage. And beyond that, better health literacy allows patients in the Monterey County community to take control of their health and well-being by making smart choices, improving communication with doctors and other members of their coordinated care teams, and having the information needed to advocate for themselves in a medical setting.

Plus, during Medicare Advantage Awareness Month, Aspire Health wants to let Monterey County Medicare beneficiaries know what resources they have to help them along the way! We invite you to learn more. Follow along on our blog and social media channels, stop by a seminar, or give us a call!


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