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February 6, 2023
Older woman balances on log; balance can help prevent falls

Falls can reduce your ability to remain independent and are a concern for many of us as we get older. The good news is that many falls are preventable! There are many ways to prevent falls, including keeping your home safe, talking to your doctor, and getting to know your family history, but did you know that your Aspire Health Medicare Advantage (MA) plan also offers specific programs to help? Take a look at these resources for staying safe from falls.

1. A one-on-one falls prevention assessment

According to the Cleveland Clinic, all adults 65 years and older should have a falls risk screening at least once a year. Aspire offers falls prevention assessments by phone to identify your unique risks. Instead of worrying about whether you’ll fall, you can create a plan that will allow you to move safely.

When you talk to one of Aspire’s health coaches, we’ll ask a few questions to identify whether you:

  • Feel unsteady when standing or walking
  • Have fallen in the past year
  • Worry about falling

Other factors like medications may influence your chances of falling, so it’s a good idea to talk with an expert. You can schedule your fall risk assessment with Aspire in English or Spanish.

2. “Balance Your Body” classes

Scientists have highlighted factors that may increase your fall risk, including muscle weakness, balance and gait difficulties, decreased bone density, and having a chronic condition such as diabetes and heart disease. Aspire is offering a Spring Balance Series on cultivating balance in all areas of your life. We are taking a holistic, four-pronged approach to give you the skills, tools, and knowledge to optimize your lifestyle and keep you on your feet. At these classes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Balance Your Body. Strengthen your body and your balance to prevent falls.
  • Balance Your Plate. Balance your nutrition to minimize risk factors.
  • Balance Your Mind. Reduce stress and enhance mindfulness.
  • Balance Your Life. Put it all together for enhanced overall wellbeing.

Enroll by filling out the English  or Spanish interest form and selecting “Fall Prevention.” Our team will reach out to confirm your enrollment.

3. Additional reading materials 

At Aspire, we know it’s important to feel informed about your risk of falling. Visit these online resources for more information:

If you have an urgent concern, please talk to your doctor. If you fall and have an injury, call 911. Wait for the experts to arrive instead of trying to get up by yourself. Remember to let your doctor know anytime you fall.

We hope that taking advantage of these resources can increase your confidence in knowing your risk of falling and help you stay safe. If you have any questions about how you can prevent falls, contact Aspire Health’s Population Health Team at (831) 644-7490.

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