7 important questions about Medicare coverage

Whether you are new to Medicare or deciding to change plans during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period, you owe it to yourself to see if the Supplement or Part D plan has you covered for all the extras or during an unexpected illness.


This year, spend some time comparing your options. Here are a few less common, but important questions to ask your broker or sales agent.

1   What’s the maximum out-of-pocket I pay in a year if I was to get really sick?

2   Are there extra benefits such as telehealth, transportation, fitness, and chiropractic coverage?

3   Do you have programs to keep me healthy or an advocate to help me navigate my healthcare?

4   Will the plan cover me if I travel and get sick?

5   Are my prescription drugs available on the 2020 drug formulary?

6   Can I get dental, vision, and hearing benefits?

7   Is there a local office where I can speak face-to-face with a customer service representative?


Remember, there’s more to consider than just co-pays — there’s knowing you are covered for the unexpected.

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