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Aspire Health Plan proudly welcomes the broker community. Take comfort in knowing that our commitment to keeping seniors healthy translates into satisfied, loyal clients for you. We contract with Field Marketing Organizations to sell our Aspire HMO and HMO-POS products.  If you are a licensed CA agent and interested in becoming appointed to sell Aspire Health Plan, please email

If you are already appointed with Aspire, we have included important forms below.

Interactive formulary

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One Pass™ – fitness program

Aspire Health Plan members are eligible for One Pass™ fitness program for $0 cost to them. You can call the One Pass™ customer service line at (877) 504-6830 (TTY:711) or, go online and register at to obtain your new member code. One Pass™ fitness program offers expanded programs to enhance member wellness and engage everyone at their speed.

All-in-one guide

2023 All-In-One Medicare Advantage Decision Guide PDF | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Appointment of Representative form

Allows the designated party to call our Pharmacy Benefit Manager, MedImpact, to ask Part D questions. This form must be completed annually. ( form explanation )

Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information form

Allows the designated party to call Member Services to ask medical questions. This form is valid as long as the designate is a member of Aspire. ( form explanation )

Enrollment forms

2023 Aspire Health Plan enrollment form PDF2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Enhanced benefits

2023 Enhanced Benefits PDF | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)
2023 Enhanced Benefits enrollment form PDF | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)
Enhanced Benefit Disenrollment Form PDF | Enhanced Benefit Disenrollment Form – (en español PDF)

Scope of appointment

2023 Scope of Sales Appointment confirmation form PDF | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Summary of Benefits

2023 Summary of Benefits PDF | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Benefits Highlights

2023 Benefits highlights PDF | Opciones de planes2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Plan Change Forms

2023 Plan Change Form | 2023 Spanish (en español PDF)

Multi-language Interpreter Services