Bill Lee, Aspire Health Plan member, shares his experience with the health coaching program

Aspire Blog - Bill Lee, Aspire Health Plan member, sits and shares his story

For many of us, social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic caused feelings of depression and loneliness. For Bill Lee, Aspire Health Plan member, feelings of depression combined with recovery from heart surgery hit him hard earlier this year. His home health nurse suggested he try working with a health coach, so he decided to join and soon found it was beneficial.

“The word that comes to mind when I think about what you’ve been doing with me is mindful. You’ve been mindful of my condition, what I’m going through, and what it is that I need and need to hear,” he says about Luis Viera, his health coach. Since the two of started working together, Luis has encouraged Bill to go out more regularly and meet friends for coffee and spend time walking and exercising outside.

Before this, Bill says he was depressed and felt he didn’t have a lot to look forward to. With Luis’ help and encouragement of his health coach, he started shopping and cooking for himself, exercising and taking the initiative for his own health.

“What I appreciate about you, Luis, is that you are very encouraging,” he says with a smile. “Whenever I felt like throwing in the towel, you’d say something that would make me stick to it for another month.”

Bill and Luis meet over the phone monthly, which allows for accessible, easy, and more regular check ins. Hear more from Bill directly by watching the video below.

Often, care managers refer patients to health coaches who are there to help them focus on lifestyle and day-to-day habits. One of the goals of the health coaching program in Monterey County is to empower patients to gain perspective on all aspects of their lifestyle habits and routines. These include the way we eat and shop for foods, how much we move our bodies, and the ways we manage our time, stress, and sleep schedules. The program is considered a success when members learn skills and become their own advocate and coach.

Aspire Health Plan members have no-cost access to an enhanced care team including health coaches, care managers and social workers. These professionals are ready to empower and support you on your healthcare journey. To request more information, call us today at (831) 644-7490.


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