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Additional Resources

Online Resources

We know that choosing the right Medicare option for you can be confusing, but there’s help out there if you need it. After browsing our site, you can always get answers straight from the source by visiting these important websites.

  • is an official website of the United States government that provides general information about Medicare as well as Medicare health plan eligibility, search, and comparison tools.
  • is and official website of the United States Social Security Administration. You can use this site to search for information about Medicare eligibility and enrollment and learn more about retirement benefits.
  • is an official website of the United States government that explains all of the changes coming to healthcare thanks to the Affordable Care Act of 2010. This site covers everything from general rights and protections under the law to how the law will affect seniors in the coming years.
  • Connected Consumer site allows the secure exchange of your electronic health information using a third party health and fitness application of your choice. It brings together all your Aspire Health Plan data into one location.

Recognizing and reporting fraud, waste and abuse, and non-compliance.

  • Protect your identity by knowing the signs of fraudulent schemes and questionable offers involving Medicare.
  • An identity thief might try to use your Medicare information to get paid for care you never received.
  • Look out for people asking for your Medicare claim number or other plan information, or who offer bribes if you will see an unfamiliar doctor or use services you don’t need.

Visit for more information on preventing fraud.

You can also email us directly at or call us at 1-800-810-0176 if you suspect fraud, waste, and/or abuse is being committed.