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We want to help you Choose Happy.

Let’s bring happiness and positivity into our lives. That’s why we created the Choose Happy program to explore the connection between happiness and good health, and to offer inspiration on ways to be happy and share positivity with each other.

We’ll be doing our part by sharing educational and positive messages and activities…and encouraging you to do the same.

Complete 21 opportunities to focus on happiness and earn a Choose Happy journal.

From a brief walk to cleaning out a junk drawer, there are all kinds of ways you can bring happiness to your life. We’ve made a list of 21 opportunities for happiness that can help bring a smile to your face.

  • Aspire members that complete the 21 opportunities will receive a free Choose Happy journal.

Download the 21 opportunities for happiness list now to get started on your challenge.

Learn how to live happier.

Take a 5-minute online survey from Blue Zones to check your current well-being and receive personalized tips on how to boost your happiness.

Research suggests that social connections make people happier. Our list of senior clubs and social resources in Monterey County can help you find local opportunities to connect.

Spending time outdoors and enjoying some of the beautiful places in Monterey County is one of many ways to improve your health and happiness. There are plenty of day hikes around Monterey and Carmel, and we complied a list from Robert Stone’s books. He is a writer, photographer, and publisher of Day Hike Books.

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